Strategy Implementation

Strategies do not end with the initiatives and goals set, but with the measures implemented and the adoption of the necessary processes and target organisation. We support you and your staff during this demanding and challenging time with an experienced, methodologically skilled team.

The strategy is already defined, but an experienced, external partner is needed to help leverage the desired effects of our strategy.
Our solution: Strategy implementation

Based on a concrete action plan that we develop together with your teams, we accompany the implementation of the defined strategic initiatives, externalise any conflicts that arise, actively follow up on the agreed objectives and measures through an experienced PMO and thus ensure the feasibility of implementation.
Our solution: Implementation sparring

Through proven methods and tools as well as joint implementation workshops, we accompany your project teams in the implementation of the strategy and thus ensure the consistency of the implementation despite barriers (e.g. "day-to-day business", internal conflicts, comprehensibility of strategic considerations, etc.).

Project examples

Together with the second and third management levels of a supplier of construction site equipment, we implemented the agreed goals of the strategy on the basis of a clear, binding implementation plan and thus realised a profitability increase of >15%.
Through intensive workshops with the implementation team, we were able to create an understanding of the intended effects from the strategy among the participants and thus ensure the implementation of all agreed measures through KPI-based project office management.