Strategy Development

We understand strategy as a comprehensive bundle of coordinated capabilities and measures that increase corporate value and sustainably secure competitive advantage.

The internal and external influencing factors have changed significantly in recent years, which has led to high complexity and thus slower responsiveness and possibly lower profitability.
Our solution: Strategy development

With our analysis team, we accompany you through the entire process of strategy development with the claim that the most attractive positioning is identified, the initiatives are implementable and in line with your corporate culture.

The rough target direction in the positioning is clear, but the challenge lies in precisely defining the potentials and taking all employees with them on the new path.
Our solution: Strategy workshop

We support you and your leadership team in clearly and comprehensibly defining the strategic thrust through proven methods, tools, benchmarks and best practices.

Project examples

For a manufacturer of technology components for technical building equipment, we analysed potentials in adjacent market segments and derived success factors and concrete initiatives for development.
For a supplier of machinery, equipment and services for construction, we identified the most attractive target positioning based on detailed insights into the market, customers and competitors and defined an action plan for achieving the target position together with the management team.