Commercial Due Diligence

We support our clients in the detailed examination of a target company from a market, customer and competitive perspective, evaluate future growth and cost-saving options and identify strategic fields of action.

Creating bankable appraisals based on high-quality analytics is not enough - only real industry knowledge, an experienced team and a strong network of experts can narrow down and discuss the relevant issues for equity and value creation stories early in the process.
Our solution: Buy Side Due Diligence

We support investors in the detailed examination of possible acquisitions, evaluate future growth and cost saving areas and point out the strategic fields of action for the precise utilisation of all potentials.

The objective, transparent presentation of the historical performance, the business plan and the relevant opportunities and risks is important - however, fast, precise and uncomplicated cooperation with a meaningful contact person is central in the sales process.
Our solution: Vendor Side Due Diligence

We help investors develop the equity story that aligns the historical performance and capabilities of the company and the people acting on it. In addition, we validate the business plan through an objective review and assessment of the plan.

Project examples